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One-of-a-kind signature pieces made from the powerful metal copper and magical, divinely-selected authentic healing crystals.

All Ladyindigo's manifestations are designed to unblock your chakra system while supporting your overall wellbeing. Healing must focus on the MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT, and my creations are designed to support you along your healing journey.

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Meditating in Mountains

Holistic Healing 

Crystals are natural rocks that come from Mother Earth.

They vibrate at a very high frequency (5D) as compared to our 3D world.

They connect to the seven chakras in our body and thus have the power to heal

our physical as well as emotional body. 

Crystals work best by body application and can be used in meditation,

kept in your purse, under the pillow while sleeping, or in the form of wearable jewelry.

They need to be in your energy field and be allowed to let their magic unfold! Large

natural crystals like Geodes and clusters can be kept at home for constant clearing of the energetic environment. Shaped ones like spheres, generators, towers are also

used in spaces. For personal use; smaller natural crystals, jewelry, tumbles and

spheres would suffice.

Shikha:  Since crystals vibrate on a higher plane, they only operate out of love and light.

They don’t have any side effects or a negative reaction to them. They can benefit you in wondrous ways.


For example: if you are going through a break-up or your heart needs healing, you

must connect with the heart chakra and crystals such as the Rose Quartz,

Rhodonite or Kunzite would work well. These are powerful heart crystals

that help to heal the heart and let go of any emotional trauma stuck there.

If you are going through anxiety, then crystals such as Lepidolite, Amethyst work

wonders to release anxiety from the body. The best way to use them is to connect

with them by keeping them under your pillow at night as they will work on your

auric field and communicate with you through dreams, astral travelling, etc.

Meditate with them, talk to them. Talking to your crystals is a great way to connect to

them as this forms a bond between you and your crystal.

Yoga Practice

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Alternative Medicine

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