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House of Athena



House of Athena offers Rental Space available for Rent for your

business or pleasure purposes.

The House of Athena is a 4-bedroom home located in a beautiful diverse neighborhood within walking distance from the Mississippi River in North Mpls Lind-Bohanon community.

This is a chakra-inspired home designed to support one’s healing journey. This home has a plethora of amenities for our guests to enjoy during their stay.

This home is open for you to use as office space for your holistic business purposes.

The home is 1500 sq ft (includes a basement and you can rent the whole home for your personal purposes.

You will sign a rental agreement for your usage and a security deposit is expected to cover any incidentals that may occur. ALL SECURITY


Anyone interested in using the House of Athena as your place of business or pleasure must sign a rental agreement and show ID and if a business, I’ll need your business info and purposes.

All reservations for rentals should be made through Airbnb.

If you want to rent the home by the hour instead of the daily cost, contact the host for those special arrangements.

Please use the links below to make your rental reservations through AIRBNB

House of Athena offers catering services through its SpiritualSoul Kitchen.

SpiritualSoul specializes in preparing high vibrational healthy meal options.

You will have to notate on your reservation that you would like catering services at least a week prior to your date of arrival.


Check out HOA’s Amenities:

  • Facial steamers

  • Foot massagers (2)

  • Foot Soaking basins (2)

  • Yoni steamer

  • Herbal tea bags (Spiritual bath/Yoni Steams)

  • Rose Petals (Spiritual bath)

  • Journals

  • Body detox clay and wraps

  • Electric hand massager

  • Herbal salt foot soaks

  • Home-cooked healthy meals

  • Essential oils

  • Yoga studio

  • Inversion chair

  • Massage table

  • Spirit Board

  • Karaoke machine

  • Spiritual Wands

  • Facial steamers (2)

  • Palmistry cards

  • Singing Bowl

  • Scalp massagers (2)

  • Crystals (12)

  • Himalaya Salt Lamp

  • Sage sticks (4)

  • Palo Santo stick (1)

  • Black Obsidian Runes Stone Set & Crystal Pendulum

  • Tarot cards

  • Water Fountain (3)

  • Oil Diffuser

  • Board Games

  • Internet/ Hulu/Netflix

  • Each room has Google Nest *except Indigo Suite

  • Books

  • Complimentary coffee, tea, breakfast food, hygiene products, candy around the home

*Smoking allowed (be cautious please.) Any burns on anything will be charged from your deposit.

*Extra fee for spirits only. For each bottle (8) opened you will be charged $15 from your deposit.

*There are cameras on the doors (external) for security purposes.

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