These gorgeous magical chakra manifestation wands are alive with colors and magic, intentionally wrapped with the powerful metal copper is at the heart of these wands – in addition with an amazing soul-pathing stone to align your natural talents and gifts with the desires of your heart.


All my wands are deeply magical, intentionally manifested and the wand you receive is the one that was meant to find you.


They are the perfect size and shape for meditation or ritual work.


Magical Manifestation Crystal/Sage Wands

SKU: 0003
  • Chakras are seven points in your body that help your life force flow throughout your body.

    This beautiful assortment of chakra wands are best used to boost your chakra healing work so that you may focus on your desires, inner voice, and spirit guides without any toxic blockage.

    Hold your wand with the quartz point facing outward, and contemplate on the area of your body that needs to be cleared.

    Connect with the quartz on the wand, the most multifaceted healing stone among all crystals, and clear your mind.

    Feel the vibrations of the wand calm your emotions and remove negative energy.

    I love using these wands for meditation, as they ease my body, mind, and spirit into a complete state of restoration.

    The copper wrap just furthers its power by advancing soul manifestation.

  • You may exchange your ring for another LadyIndigo product of equal value if you are not satisfied with your finished manifestation.

    All exchanges for dissatisfaction must be reported within 14 days of receiving your manifestation.

    There are NO REFUNDS