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Hotep, I'm LaQueen

     I created LadyIndigo in 2020 while experiencing one of the lowest times in my life. I had recently reluctantly taken a leave of absence from law school and unexpectantly became a grandmother, filed for another order of protection from my ex-husband of ten years and my teen daughters were sneaking out the house while I was away and cutting up in school causing problems to their teachers.

     At that time, Feb 2020, I felt as if my whole world was falling apart around me. I just wanted to check out to avoid all the pain. I felt hopeless and was devising a plan to just sit my ass down on the couch, collect benefits, and wait until all my daughters grew up and then possibly try again to achieve my personal goals.


     After taking a hiatus from life for a while by checking myself into a local AirBNB  for a few weeks, I came back home to announce to my daughters that I was starting a new business that's going to help others who are traumatized like me.


     At the AirBNB I began delving into meditation, yoga, energy healing, crystals, manifestations, herbalism, aromatherapy, cupping, astrology, and more importantly of all, I discovered the CHAKRA system, and after that, it was all she wrote! 

     Once I began the healing process of balancing and opening my chakras, I received divine guidance to create a business that would allow me to teach others about the amazing benefits of knowing and taking care of their chakras.  


That's how LadyIndigo came about. 


     I began loving life again! I began exercising again, I began taking care of my mind, body, and spirit, by doing what I needed to to take care of my chakras.

     Despite what my life may have seem to have been at that time, I was learning in my healing process that I was only experiencing an episode that was designed to give me the tools I needed to get to the next level that the divinely set forth for me. And in the end, everything will be all good. 


     Now in 2022, LadyIndigo has become a blossoming brand that is making its bold statement in the holistic industry.  LadyIndigo has an array of products and services to support anyone who is in or starting their holistic journey. 


     The services and products I manifest are created from my divine imagination.

I've spoken to let the Universe, my God, know what I desired in the AirBNB in 2020 and since then, my repertoire has expanded beyond what I would have ever imagined it could!

     Being the mother of six daughters for the last almost thirty years has proven to me that I was created to nurture, to heal, to support, to encourage, and most of all to love. I love all people and want the best for us all because we are all intertangled with each other, making us one. We are one. 


     I know because my chakras have taught me so. Learning about my chakras has given me a self-awareness that is now my SUPER-POWER.


     I've learnt so many things in the last couple of years that makes me feel like I've known it for a lifetime. Because this is my path. This is my calling. I am a natural born healer, teacher, and comforter. I synchronize my mind, body, and spirit so that I create more and more synchronicities in this life experience I'm having.


     What I know, I share with you. What I have, I offer to you. What you choose to do with it all, is only up to you. What is your choice? Who do you choose? 

LadyIndigo Chakra-Inspired Lifestyle

Warrior Two
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